Session 178 | Geneva | 24-28 Jun 2019
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Agenda Item 8.5.

129. The Secretary of WP.29 informed the World Forum that Mr. R. Hubert, former Secretary of GRSG, had been promoted to the position of Chief of Section for Road Safety Management and Transport of Dangerous Goods of the ECE Sustainable Transport Division. The WP.29 Chair, Vice-Chair, representatives of several government and non-governmental organization delegations thanked Mr. Hubert for all his efforts as well as his outstanding personal commitment and contributions to the global recognition of the WP.29’s activities throughout his nearly two decades long tenure at the World Forum secretariat and wished him all the best in his future professional and personal activities.

130. Mr. Hubert thanked WP.29 for the kind farewell words, stating that he looked forward to continued cooperation with all WP.29 participants and stakeholders within the scope of his new roles within WP.1 and WP.15 secretariats.