Session 77 | Geneva | 4-8 Jun 2018
Agenda Item 7. Particle Measurement Programme (PMP)
This agenda item relates to NEPE and PMP.

43. The Secretary of the IWG on Particle Measurement Programme (PMP), on behalf of the Chair of the IWG on PMP, presented a status report on the activities of the group on exhaust and non-exhaust particle emissions (GRPE-77-14). She reported on the ongoing activities for exhaust and non-exhaust works streams.

44. She requested guidance from GRPE on exhaust emissions in the new activities on the impact of fuel quality on PN emissions and especially on the scope of the literature review: which emissions (engine out or tailpipe), what vehicle types (light-duty, powered 2-wheelers and/or heavy duty) and what engine type (positive ignition or compression ignition) should be considered in the research. The expert from EC expressed a preference for tailpipe emissions for all vehicle and engine types. GRPE agreed with the preference from the expert of EC.

45. The expert from Japan requested more information on non-exhaust emissions and how the braking schedule had been developed. The expert from OICA detailed that WLTP data had been used to develop a specific, new test cycle for brake tests. GRPE showed interest to validate the newly developed cycle and compare it with real driving conditions.

46. GRPE acknowledged the progress made by the IWG on PMP and noted that the group requested a meeting room for half a day during the GRPE week in January 2019.

GRPE-77-14 | PMP informal group progress report for GRPE June 2018 session (EC)