Session 160 | Geneva | 25-28 Jun 2013
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Agenda Item 18.5.
Electric vehicles and the environment

126. Referring to the discussion on the draft UN GTR on Electric Vehicles, the Chair of GRPE (Germany) recalled that the mandate of the IWG on EVE did not foresee the drafting of a UN GTR, but the development of a regulatory reference guide on electric vehicle technologies. The representative of China supported this statement, adding that the regulatory reference guide was expected at the June 2014 session of GRPE. AC.3 agreed that future developments of the UN GTR would be possible, subject to a revised mandate. She mentioned that at the sixth meeting of the IWG the reference items to develop a UN GTR were discussed and invited interested parties to provide research data. Finally, she informed AC.3 that the seventh meeting of the IWG was scheduled in Beijing on 17 October 2013.