Automatically Commanded Steering Functions | Session 5 | 20-22 Jan 2016
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Agenda Item 5.3.
Overview – tests for CAT E

(D): explained the document. It contains a lot of tests, but for a CAT E system it must be sure, that the system can cope with the different scenarios.

The details of the tests was discussed while presenting the German text proposal in

The review of the document started with ANNEX 7 – Test requirements

In parallel the French comments ACSF-05-05 have been considered.

ACSF-05-03 | Proposal for amendments to UN Regulation No. 79 with regard to automated steering functions (Germany and Japan)
ACSF-05-05 | French comments on the working draft text to amend UN R79 with regard to automatically commanded steering functions (France)
ACSF-05-08 | Overview of test modes for automatically commanded steering functions (Germany)