Simplification of Lighting and Light-Signalling Regulations | Session 7 | 15-16 Dec 2015
Agenda Item 5.
New approach

- Guidance from the IWG-SLR Chairman after WP.29-167
This document was considered in conjunction with the discussion of the “Option 6” in document SLR-07-10 (see item 6 below).

- UN Regulations candidates for combination into new regulations
This document was addressed in conjunction with the discussion on the “Option 6” in document SLR-07-10 (see item 6 below)

- Example of grouping of lighting device regulations
Mr. Grigorescu introduced an example of the necessary structure to allow the grouping of existing forward lighting regulations into a new UN regulation (document SLR-07-06). He also showed an analysis of the Contracting Parties applying (or not) the various forward lighting regulations (based on an excerpt of the document ECE/TRANS/WP.29/343) and suggested to ask those Contracting Parties who have not signed all the concerned Regulations to consider signing the missing ones. Mr. Draper, observing the analysis of Mr. Grigorescu (now available as document SLR-07-06/Annex 1), pointed out that most of the mandatory Regulations are adopted by all CPs. Dr. Manz commented that the proposed system will only work if all CPs will buy in and the “legacy” Regulations will be frozen. Mr. Gorzkowski suggested to move everything into R-123 and freeze the other front lighting Regulations. The meeting observed that, from a performance point of view, the result is an illuminated road ahead and, to this end, R-123 should be taken into account as it is performance based and “future proof”.

- Structure for a new regulation to group a number of existing regulations
Mr. Draper introduced document SLR-07-07 showing three examples of new Regulations incorporating existing regulations. He pointed out that the proposed approach of using classes of lighting devices is intended to facilitate the creation of a single Regulation where the CPs are able to choose which parts of the regulation they will apply.

The meeting observed that the proposed approach is good but will work only when the DETA database will be operative. It was agreed to focus with priority on the Light Signalling devices (i.e. Regulations 4, 6, 7, 23, 38, 77, 87, 91) and the Forward Lighting devices (i.e. Regulations 19, 98, 112, 123, 119), identified respectively as “NEW1” and “NEW2” in document SLR-07-07. It was also agreed to move all the definitions from the draft resolution document (SLR-07-04) to Regulation 48.

SLR-07-01 Working draft for a simplified UN Regulation No. 48 (Italy)
SLR-07-02 Guidance from the SLR informal group chair for the 7th SLR group session
SLR-07-04 Working draft resolution on common provisions for lighting, light-signalling and retro-reflecting devices
SLR-07-05 Candidate UN lighting regulations for consolidation into single regulations
SLR-07-06 Incorporation of groupings of existing UN Regulations into a small number of new regulations (GTB)
SLR-07-06/Annex1 Contracting Parties applying forward lighting regulations
SLR-07-07 Structure for a new regulation to group a number of existing lighting regulations (GTB)
WP.29-343/Rev.19 Status of the 1958 Agreement, of the annexed Regulations and of the amendments thereto (Revision 19)