Session 81 | Geneva | 1-5 Feb 2016
Agenda Item 8. (c) Other business: Intelligent transport systems
This agenda item relates to Automated Driving and Climate Change.

45. The expert from Japan gave a status report on the activities of the IWG on ITS/AD. He recalled that, since September 2015, two sessions took place in Geneva in November 2015 and that the group: (1) designated the representative of Finland as the IWG on ITS/AD Ambassador to WP.1 and its informal group, (2) continued consideration on the definition of automation levels, (3) would further address cyber security and privacy issues on the basis of guideline proposals tabled by Japan and Germany, (4) exchanged information on the activities at the WP.29 subsidiary bodies and (5) elected Mr. Inomata and Mr. Yarnold as Co-Chairs of the group.

46. The secretariat informed GRRF of the activities of UNECE during the 22nd ITS World Congress that took place in Bordeaux (France) in October 2015. He reported that a ministerial round table moderated by the director of the sustainable transport division adopted the Manifesto “ITS for mitigating Climate Change”. He added that the UNECE ITS Flagship event co-organised with the French Ministry of Environment took place two days after the ministerial round table and that the round table explored ways to implement the vision expressed in the Manifesto.

47. The expert from EC informed (GRRF-81-30) GRRF about the Collaborative ITS (C-ITS) platform report. The secretariat noted that the so-called “Day 1 list” in the report contained mainly systems directly related to road vehicles or indirectly, by interacting with road vehicles through their connectivity. He wondered whether EC would wish to contribute at the World Forum level on these systems. The expert from EC explained that no strategy was decided at this stage but he expected that the type-approval requirements for theses vehicle-related systems could be handled by the World Forum, if non-EU Contracting Parties would express their interest in these activities and would wish to contribute.

GRRF-81-30 | The C-ITS deployment platform and the GEAR 2030 roadmap on highly automated vehicles (EC)