Session 107 | Geneva | 30 Sep-3 Oct 2014
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Agenda Item 7.
Regulation No. 58 (Rear underrun protection)

20. Recalling the discussion on GRSG-106-32 during the previous session of GRSG, the expert from Germany introduced GRSG-107-30 superseding ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/2014/18 and proposing more stringent requirements for rear underrun protection devices. The expert from OICA preferred to exclude vehicles of category N2 from the proposal, due to their limited presence in the current traffic fleet. The expert from CLCCR suggested splitting vehicle category N2 and addressing only those having design similarity with N3. The expert from Japan required more time to assess the impact of the proposal including the splitting of vehicle category N2. Following the discussion, the expert from Germany introduced a revised proposal (GRSG-107-39). GRSG agreed to resume discussion at its May 2015 session, taking into account the study reservation of some experts. The secretariat was requested to distribute GRSG-107-39 with an official symbol at the next session of GRSG.