Session 163 | Geneva | 24-27 Jun 2014
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Agenda Item 8.6.
Industry observations on development of draft AECS regulation

78. The representative of OICA presented WP.29-163-12, reporting on difficulties faced by the IWG on AECS in the process of developing new provisions and wondered whether communication network protocols could be regulated under the 1958 Agreement. How this issue may be resolved may become a basis for future vehicle connectivity regulatory work and, therefore, needs to be carefully addressed. He concluded his intervention by asking WP.29 representatives to review these issues at the November 2014 session to prepare guidance for the future work of the IWG. The representative of the Russian Federation agreed that this subject was a new challenge and proposed to continue consideration of these issues within the IWG. The representative of ITU recalled the recently agreed collaboration between WP.29 and ITU for addressing these types of issues. He also recalled the scope of activities of his organization, producing recommendations on satellite, navigation and communication that can be implemented in regulations and proposed to strengthen the collaboration on this matter. WP.29 agreed to follow up on this issue and requested the secretariat to keep this item on the agenda of its November 2014 session.