Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 73 | 15-19 May 2023
Agenda Item 24. (b)
UN Regulation No. 0 (International Whole Vehicle Type Approval)

54. The expert from Japan, Ambassador of IWVTA, informed GRSP that IWG was developing the 06 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 0. He noted that this new series reflected the latest series of amendments to UN Regulations Nos. 12, 127 and 135, which had entered into force in January 2023. He added that the proposal would be submitted for approval to the June session of WP.29 after a review by the Technical Secretary of the Group. He reminded GRSP about GRSP-72-07-Rev.1 on interpreting the preceding series of amendments (singular or plural) mentioned in the transitional provisions of UN Regulations. He informed GRSP that no objection to the document had been received from experts, as requested at the December 2022 session of GRSP. He concluded that the document would be reviewed by the June 2023 session of WP.29.

55. GRSP resumed discussion on UI marking. The expert from CITA introduced GRSP-73-58 (based on WP.29-188-20) listing all UN Regulations under GRSP purview and providing information that his organization deems relevant. He added that, in his opinion, none of the UN Regulations under GRSP needed UI. The expert from Germany stated that benefits would not be introduced by UI. The expert from Spain suggested that amending the 1958 Agreement would be more viable than amending each UN Regulations to prohibit UI. GRSP agreed to discuss its final position at its December 2023 session.

GRSP-72-07/Rev.1 UN R0: IWVTA IWG Response to GRSP on issues related to Transitional Provisions (Japan)
GRSP-73-58 Unique Identifier: Proposed actions for the IWG on DETA, GRs and WP.29 (CITA)