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Agenda Item 19.5.
UN GTR No. 9 (Pedestrian safety)

149. Concerning Amendment 3 (headform test impact zone), the representative from the United States of America updated AC.3 on the latest progress made by the task force established to solve diverging interpretations. He informed that the task force would meet one more time before the GRSP December 2021 session to evaluate the last data. He concluded that in case the evidence presented by the task force to that session of GRSP would be agreed, the groups might decide to recommend the amendment to the March 2022 session of AC.3.

150. The representative from the Republic of Korea informed AC.3 on the progress of work of the IWG on Deployable Pedestrian Protection Systems (IWG-DPPS). He confirmed that extensive work had been performed by the IWG. However, the IWG had still open issues the numerical simulation method to the proposed requirements to the UN Regulation/UN GTR. AC.3 noted that the simulations were already addressed by GRVA. The representative from Canada confirmed that GRVA IWG on VMAD was exploring simulation methods. He suggested that a reflection of this work should be taken in UN GTR No. 9 to have a leverage of time and resources to avoid duplication of work. AC.3 endorsed this approach.