BYD Company Limited
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Established in February 1995, BYD Company Limited specializes in IT, automobile and new energy. BYD is the world’s largest supplier of rechargeable batteries and has the largest market share for Nickel-cadmium batteries, handset Li-ion batteries, cell-phone chargers and keypads worldwide. BYD has developed from 20 employees in 1995 to a corporation with more than 150,000 employees and 10 industrial parks across China in 2009, including sites in Guangdong, Beijing, Shaanxi, Shanghai, and Changsha, totaling nearly 15,000,000 sq. m. It also has offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions.

On January 22, 2003, BYD purchased Xi’an Tsinchuan Auto Co., Ltd. (now BYD Auto Co., Ltd.) to enter the auto industry. BYD’s auto products and services include fuel and electric vehicles as well as auto molding and auto parts manufacturing. Its selection of vehicles include traditional fuel vehicles F3, F3R, F6, F0, S8, G3, M6, L3, dual mode electric vehicles F3DM, pure electric vehicle e6 and pure electric bus K9. BYD is cooperating with Daimler AG.

You can find more information about BYD at their website.

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