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Ford Motor Company

You can find more information about Ford at their website.

Recent WP.29 Contributions from Ford

30 Oct 2019
Brake wear particle emissions of a passenger car measured on a chassis dynamometer (PMP-51-05)
[" Wear of brake friction materials and tires are known to generate particle emissions that can impact air and water quality. The Particle Measurement Program (PMP) which previously had focused exclusively on exhaust emissions issues has been tasked to investigate non-exhaust emissions towards better understanding their dynamics and implications for public health. NEPE Non-Exhaust Particle Emissions WP.29 Discussion Topic Non-Exhaust Particle Emissions"]
21 Sep 2019
WLTP: Declared scope for alternative method for determination of aerodynamic influence of optional equipment (WLTP-28-10/App.4)
["Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure <p>This GTR prescribes a test cycle and test procedures to measure the emissions (including off-cycle) and fuel efficiency of light-duty vehicles. The GTR was adopted at the March 2014 session of the World Forum.</p>\r\n<p>A supplemental \"phase 1b\" is underway to refine certain elements of the initial regulation. WP.29/AC.3 expects to consider a proposal for Amend. 1 to UN GTR No. 15 in November 2016 as result of Phase 1b activities.</p>\r\n<p>A second phase is expected to address low ambient temperature, high altitude test procedures, and possibly durability and conformity issues.</p>\r\n<p>A third phase would eventually include the addition of reference fuels, correlation across existing regional/national cycles, and introduction of emissions limits.</p>\r\n<p>The <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">latest draft version</a> of the amended GTR is regularly updated by the WLTP informal working group.</p>\r\n<p>The regulation is also supplemented by a <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">gearshift calculation tool</a>.\r\n WLTP Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure GTR No. 15 GTR No. 15", " This page covers the work on transposing GTR No. 15 (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure-WLTP) into the form of a UN type-approval regulation as used under the 1958 Agreement. WLTP (UNR) Light Vehicle Emissions Type Approval Test Procedure WP.29 Regulatory Project Light Vehicle Emissions Type Approval Test Procedure"]

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