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17 January 2017 Tyre category definitions and requirements for tyre use on roads under winter conditions (Germany and BMDV)
GRRF-83-05 2017-01-17
8 February 2017 Reverse Alarm of M- and N-Vehicles: Consensus of Japan and Germany (BMDV)
GRB-65-07/Rev.1 2017-02-08
15 February 2017 Problems with Noise-Emissions of M1 and N1 Vehicles / NORESS and possible Solutions (BMDV)
ASEP II-02-09
ASEP II-02-09 2017-02-15
28 March 2017 Germany and Japan discussion proposals for Category C ACSF (BMDV, Germany, and Japan)
ACSF-11-10 2017-03-28