Tyre category definitions and requirements for tyre use on roads under winter conditions
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Germany reviews problems with applying UN specifications for the marking of winter tyres, covering disparities in definitions and performance requirements across the tyre regulations (UN R30, R54, R75, R106, R108, R109 and R117). Therefore, Germany proposes that GRRF work to resolve these disparities and offers two possible solutions: 1) Introduce the definition of "Snow tyre for use in severe snow conditions” and the related performance and marking requirements established under UN R109 and R117 into UN R30, R54, R75, R108, and (possibly) R106; 2) Amending UN R117 to extend the scope of its snow performance criteria to additional tyre classes and categories, such as special tyres (POR, MPT), all terrain (AT) tyres, and retreaded tyres for passenger cars.

Reference Number: GRRF-83-05
Origin: Germany and BMVI
Date: 16 January 2017
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Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 83 | 23-27 Jan 2017

48. The expert from Germany introduced GRRF-83-05 looking for guidance on the possibility to develop snow tyre provisions for all tyres and vehicles categories as it was already existing for snow tyres of category C1, C2 and C3 for vehicles categories M and N by amending all relevant Regulations or by amending the scope of Regulation No. 117. The expert from Japan and the Russian Federation volunteered to contribute to the work item proposed by Germany. GRRF requested to add an agenda item dedicated to snow tyres on the agenda.