Session 78 | Geneva | 25-29 Mar 2019
Latest document posted on 16 Apr 2019
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Report of WP.1 on its 78th (March 2019) session
16 Apr 2019 Forum Report WP.1-2019-0167
Resolution on "Activities other than driving" (Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and UK)
08 Mar 2019 Forum Informal Documents Automated Driving Systems Automated Driving This document proposes a draft text for a resolution on “activities other than those related to driving” that the driver of a vehicle equipped with an automated driving system could undertake when the automated driving system is engaged. WP.1-78-0004
1968 Agreement: Proposal to amend document WP.1/2017/1/Rev.1 (Germany)
25 Mar 2019 Forum Informal Documents 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic 1968 Vienna Convention Convention on Road Traffic WP.1-78-0008