Session 16 | Geneva | 15 Nov 2019
This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
UN R13 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Braking UN Regulation UNR 0013
UN R24 C.I. Engine Emissions and Net Power UN Regulation UNR 0024
UN R48 Installation of Lighting and Lighting-Signalling Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0048
UN R49 Diesel and CNG/LNG Engine Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0049
UN R79 Steering Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0079
UN R131 Advanced Emergency Braking Systems UN Regulation UNR 0131
UN R130 Lane Departure Warning Systems UN Regulation UNR 0130
UN R140 Electronic Stability Control Systems UN Regulation UNR 0140
1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections 1997 Agreement
UN Rule No. 2 Vehicle Inspections: Roadworthiness Rule 0002
UN Rule No. 1 Vehicle Inspections: Environmental Protection Rule 0001
UN R139 Brake Assist Systems UN Regulation UNR 0139
Administrative and technical provisions required for carrying out the technical inspections Resolution 0006
Automated Vehicle Periodic Technical Inspections Automated Vehicle PTI
PTI Tampering Detection PTI Anti-Tampering
Road-Side Inspections Road-Side PTI