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Guidance to GRs concerning Automated Driving Technology
Document GRRF-79-31
17 February 2015

Status of ITS/AD Informal Group consideration of guidance for WP.29 working parties on the regulation of automated driving technologies, especially concerning automatically commanded steering under UN R79.

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39. The Chair of GRRF informed GRRF about the discussion held on ITS during the November 2014 session of WP.29. WP.29, for permitting GRRF to make progress at its seventy-ninth session, agreed that the IWG on ITS/Automated Driving (AD) would directly provide guidance to GRRF. This guidance is reproduced in GRRF-79-31. GRRF agreed to work during this session within the framework proposed by the IWG on ITS/AD and to consider regulating technologies remaining in the primary control of the driver at all time

9. (a) | Regulation No. 79
9. (b) | Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Parking Assist Systems (PAS)
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