Authorization to extend the scope of the HDH informal group mandate to include alignment of GTR No. 4 and No. 11
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Reference Number: WP.29/AC.3/38
Date: 7 March 2014
Proposal Status: Mandate approved
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WP.29-162-08 | Extension of the scope of the mandate to the GRPE Informal Group on Heavy-Duty Hybrids for the alignment between gtr nº 4 and gtr nº 11
World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 163 | 24-27 Jun 2014

93. The representative of EU reported on the IWG which had completed its mandate in due time. The representative of the United States of America proposed that some additional work should be envisaged. AC.3 agreed to first consider, at its November 2014 session, the draft Amendment 3 adopted by GRPE in June 2014 and, then, to investigate remaining issues to define a mandate for a second phase for the IWG. AC.3 reconfirmed the adoption of ECE/TRANS/WP.29/AC.3/38 on the extension of the IWG mandate.