Document HDH-11-08
Heavy Duty Hybrid Powertrain Testing
Submitted by ECCC and US EPA

Presentation on Environment Canada and US EPA joint program.

Discussions and Outcomes
18th HDH session (3 Jun 2014)
11th HDH session (10-12 Oct 2012)

Joint EC/EPA presentation

Mr. Giallonardo presented working paper HDH-11-08. He indicated that the program was focused on Post-TM testing. Several months of trials and high hybrid manufacturer involvement were needed for being able to run the tests. The complete set-up basically represents a chassis dyno test operated a powerpack test. It was only used for a relative comparison between hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles. It was concluded and confirmed by EPA that chassis dyno testing and powerpack testing compare pretty well for CO2, but differences were observed for criteria pollutants, especially NOx.