Equitable Occupant Protection informal group terms of reference
Document EqOP-02
8 December 2022
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45. GRSP considered a presentation (GRSP-72-42) on the status report and a draft proposal of terms of reference for an IWG (GRSP-72-10), on the informal evaluation by the ad hoc group of experts (on Equitable Occupant Protection) on the technical merits of a study from Sweden on female occupants. The expert from Sweden, Chair of the ad hoc group, affirmed that the conclusions of her group provided the basis for establishing an IWG. Following the request of some contracting parties, she introduced the terms of reference (GRSP-72-45-Rev.1, stemming from GRSP-72-10) of an IWG possibly without specific reference to the 1958 or 1998 Agreements. The experts from Austria, France, Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, United States of America, and the United Kingdom supported the establishment of an IWG.

46. GRSP agreed to establish the IWG on Equitable Protection of Occupants (former ad hoc group) and adopted GRSP-72-45-Rev.1 as reproduced in annex VIII to this report. Therefore, GRSP requested its Chair to seek the endorsement of WP.29 and AC.3 at their March 2023 sessions to the establishment of IWG.

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