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UN R48: Questions on interpretation
Document GRE-88-14
21 April 2023

This paper has been submitted by the expert from Australia to clarify with the GRE if/where lamps other than those defined/specified in UN Regulation No. 48, including external optical signals to indicate the operating status of a trailer system, can be fitted to vehicles in conformity with this Regulation.

Submitted by Australia
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6. (a) | UN Regulation No. 48 (Installation of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices)

27. The expert from Australia wondered whether or not UN Regulation No. 48 allows for the fitment of lamps other than those that are listed as mandatory or optional in the Regulation, or that meet the definition of an external status indicator, for example, low intensity lamps, lamps for emergency service vehicles, and/or other types of status indicators (GRE-88-14). The expert from the Netherlands expressed the view that the fitment of such lamps should not be allowed (“not mentioned, not fitted”). The Chair recalled that UN Regulation No. 48 does not contain provisions on some lamps for which installation requirements falls within the competence of national legislation of contracting parties, for example, special warning lamps under UN Regulation No. 65. The expert from Australia pointed out that he would continue off-line consultations on this issue.

10. (c) | Miscellaneous
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