Document GRPE/2023/17
UN R154: Proposal for Supplement 1 to the 03 series of amendments
Status: Formal GR review
Submitted by EC, Japan, and OICA

Proposal to align the Regulation with the latest regional requirements.

Discussions and Outcomes
89th GRPE session (30 May-2 Jun)
87th GRPE session (10-13 Jan)

23. The representative from France introduced GRPE-87-06. GRPE agreed with the content of the proposal.

25. The representative from the European Commission introduced GRPE-87-27 and GRPE-87-28. The representative from OICA added that the revised rolling resistance values were expected to have no influence on existing approvals, highlighting that contracting parties would likely require to add more rows to the relevant table. The representative from France highlighted that revised rolling resistance coefficients defined in UN Regulation No. 117 had recently been adopted by GRBP, with an entry into force expected in July 2024. She added a revision of UN Regulation No.154 was likely be needed in the future to reflect those changes when entered into force. The representative from the European Commission requested to hold some bilateral discussions with France to clarify the matter. GRPE agreed to have more time to scrutinize GRPE-87-27 and GRPE-87-28.