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UN R151: Clarification on long TTC's, temporary sensor blockage and calibration
Document GRSG-122-27
8 October 2021
Submitted by CLEPA and OICA
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
4. (b) | UN Regulation No. 151 (Blind Spot Information Systems)

42. The expert from Germany, from the IWG on VRU-Proxi, introduced documents GRSG-122-18 and GRSG-122-20, a proposal for amendments to UN Regulation No. 151 (Blind Spot Information Systems). The expert from OICA proposed the documents be reviewed by a native English speaker to ensure the administrative part of the report is free of errors or misinterpretations.

43. The expert from Australia asked if the proposal would require retesting for multiple configurations and if the testing requirements were dependent on the BSIS. The expert from Germany explained the testing proposed is extensive, but the intention is to have limited testing, and this would be reflected in the document upon further review.

44. GRSG considered document GRSG-122-18 and requested its submission as an official document at the 123rd session of GRSG.

45. The expert from CLEPA on behalf of the IWG on VRU-Proxi presented documents GRSG-122-26 and GRSG-122-27, a proposal for supplement to UN Regulation No. 151 (Blind Spot Information System). The expert from Germany supported this proposal and indicated interest to support the work on this document with OICA with an aim to bring the documents GRSG-122-18 and GRSG-122-26 into one formal document.

46. The expert from the Netherlands referring to GRSG-122-26 referring to a text that concerns the exception for auxiliary equipment, stated this exception needs to be reflected on the Type approval document to indicate vehicle making use of the exemption. The colleagues from Finland, CLEPA and Secretariat had an extensive technical discussion regarding some texts in the proposal. The Chair suggested the texts in the proposal be reviewed further before the next session of GRSG.

47. GRSG considered the documents GRSG-122-18 and GRGG-122-26 and requested the expert from IWG on VRU-Proxi and the expert from Germany to produce one formal document for consideration at the 123rd session of GRSG in March 2022.

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