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Real driving Emissions: Revised request for authorization to develop a GTR
Document GRPE-83-32
4 June 2021

Proposal by the USA, European Union, Japan and the Republic of Korea to request revision of the authorization to develop a future proof global technical regulation of Real Driving Emissions based on Phase 2 work by the RDE informal working group.

Submitted by EU, Japan, Korea, and USA
Status: GR amended and approved
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
3. (c) | Worldwide harmonized Real Driving Emissions test procedure

16. The representative from the EC, Chair of the IWG on RDE, introduced updated terms of reference and rules of procedure for the IWG on RDE (GRPE-83-31 as revised during the session) detailing expected activities in the months and years to come. The representative from the US supported the updated approach and highlighted opportunities for alignment. GRPE endorsed the updated document and encouraged the IWG on the ambitious harmonization activities.

17. Consequently, the Chair of the IWG on RDE introduced a revised authorization to develop a new UN GTR on RDE (GRPE-83-32 amended during the session as reflected in Annex VIII to the session report). She detailed that the expected UN GTR would go directly into a more comprehensive phase 2, with wider engagement from all parties. The representative from the USA commended the GRPE process and he added that the USA were working on a rule making that was expecting to use the outcomes from the IWG on RDE and the draft phase 2 UN GTR.

18. GRPE requested the secretariat to submit Annex VIII to WP.29 and AC.3 for consideration and vote at their November 2021 sessions as draft revised authorization to develop a new UN GTR on RDE.

Relates to UN R168 |