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UN R13: Proposal for amendments to document GRVA-09-04
Document GRVA-10-33
25 May 2021

Input on the proposal from Germany to require electrically operated parking brake systems to automatically activate when the driver leaves the vehicle cabin and/or the motor is stopped.

Submitted by CLEPA and OICA
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8. (b) | Electromechanical Brakes
8. (c) | Clarifications

89. The expert from OICA introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2021/25, an amendment proposal to the electric parking brake provisions in UN Regulation No. 13 already discussed at the previous session. He justified that a new series of amendments was necessary as the proposal would impact the design of vehicles and would therefore need to provide lead time.

90. The expert from Germany confirmed that his previous comments regarding buses were addressed by the proposal tabled at this session.

91. GRVA adopted ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2021/25 (without square brackets) and requested the secretariat to submit it as draft 12 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 13 to WP.29 and AC.1 for consideration and vote at their March 2022 sessions.

8. (c) | Clarifications

GRVA requested the secretariat to distribute GRVA-10-33 with an official symbol for consideration at its September 2021 session or to discuss a revised proposal, if any.

6. (d) | Other business
8. (c) | Clarifications

101. The expert from Germany introduced GRVA-09-04 proposing amendments to the parking brake requirements, justified by the fact that Germany registers three fatalities per year involving trucks or buses and inadequate parking brake operation.

102. The expert from OICA responded (GRVA-09-20) to the proposal of the expert from Germany. OICA agreed that the proposal could help to increase safety. He provided comments on the implementation of the requirement modification as well as editorial comments.

103. The expert from UK supported the intention of the proposal. He mentioned possible editorial corrections to the proposal. He highlighted the importance of balanced requirements to avoid unnecessary user frustration.

104. The expert from Germany agreed with the comments provided and volunteered to resume consideration of this item at its next session.

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