Human Factors Challenges of Remote Support and Control
Document GRVA-09-21
29 January 2021
Submitted by HF-IRADS
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3. | Exchange of views on guidelines and relevant national activities

8. The expert from IEA presented GRVA-09-21. He presented the activities of the group Human Factors in International Regulations for Automated Driving Systems (HF-IRADS). He explained that they differentiated three types of relevant remote actions: remote assistance, remote management and remote control of an automated driving system (ADS). He concluded that: (a) remote control and operation was complex and that it should not be assumed that remote handling constitutes a viable backup for problems encountered by vehicles under the control of an ADS, (b) thorough investigation of different use cases was needed and a safety case should be prepared for each specific application of remote support and control, (c) there was a lack of evidence that remote vehicle operation on public roads could be performed safely and (d) the proper design of the work environment for remote control and operation was vital.

9. GRVA agreed with the proposal of the expert from the Russian Federation that this matter should be considered by the IWG on Functional Requirements for Automated Vehicles (FRAV).

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