UN R149: Proposal for Supplement 3
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Proposals to:

  1. Rename the element “Segment I C to D” in Table 8
  2. Amend the luminous intensity requirements in Table 9, Part B
  3. Correct Annex 7, paragraph (a)
  4. Correct errors transposed from UN R98 and R123:
    • Rename “Emax R/L” in Table 8
    • Change Annex 7, paragraph 1. d)
  5. Correct the omission of the UN R123 provision for detection of failure of a light source and/or a LED module in an Adaptive Front Lighting System
  6. Correct Annex 4, Figure A4-IX of UN R149 where the description of the zone 1 is not in line with the photometric requirements set in paragraph Table 34 which defines the horizontal angles to 5° to the left and 5° to the right for the class BS headlamps

Reference Number: WP.29/2021/46
Date: 18 December 2020
Proposal Status: Adopted by WP.29
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