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PTI: Proposal for assurance of the safety of vehicles, equipment and systems, including automated/autonomous driving systems in operation
Document WP.29-177-16
11 March 2019
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
7. | 1997 Agreement (Periodical Technical Inspections)
7.2. | Amendments to the 1997 Agreement

131. The representative of UK, Chair of GRVA, reported on the considerations of IWG on Automatically Commanded Steering Function with regards to sensor deterioration suggesting the need for durability requirements. He stated that the roadworthiness needed to be ensured continuously, not only during PTI tests. In this respect, the representative of CITA suggested to review WP.29-177-16.

132. The Co-Chair of IWG on PTI, introduced WP.29-177-16, and explained the proposal of the group for a safety assurance framework, based on a risk-analysis approach, which would have to be developed for each relevant system in the vehicle. He added that it would consist of assessing the possibilities of non-compliance and their impacts. The method was deemed appropriate for anticipating both the development of Type Approval provision and roadworthiness provisions for vehicles in-service. The World Forum noted the approach proposed and agreed to be informed about further developments of the proposals at its June 2019 session.

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