Strengthening tyre limits: new developments
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Presentation in support of establishing a 02 series of amendments to UN R117 with higher stringencies based on informal document GRB-66-03.

Reference Number: GRB-68-27
Origin: Netherlands
Date: 14 September 2018
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GRB-66-03 | Proposal for amendments to the 02 series of amendments to Regulation No. 117
Working Party on Noise | Session 68 | 12-14 Sep 2018

11. The expert from the Netherlands recalled his earlier proposals on strengthening the tyre noise limits and reported on new developments in this field (GRB-68-27), including a proposal for the new European Regulation on General Safety. Finally, he sought consent of GRB for transforming GRB-66-03, which had proposed stricter noise limits, into a working document for the next session of GRB. The experts of Norway and CAETS generally supported the idea of reducing noise limits in UN Regulation No. 117. The expert of ETRTO recalled their comments presented at the previous session (GRB-67-08). The expert from EC pointed out that the proposal for the new European Regulation was still under discussion. For this reason, the Chair felt that it would be premature to submit an official document with the new tyres limits to the next session.