UN R46: OICA proposal to correct document GRSG/2018/9
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Proposal to correct the draft text to align with the latest version of UN R46. GRSG/2018/4 aims to clarify the circumstances under which the provision of information through overlays is permissible.

Reference Number: GRSG-114-25/Rev.1
Origin: OICA
Date: 11 April 2018
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Working Party on General Safety | Session 114 | 9-13 Apr 2018

18. The expert from OICA introduced GRSG-114-25-Rev.1, superseding ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/2018/9, which aligned the French text with the English, and which clarified the requirements of paragraph on overlays in Camera Monitor Systems (CMS) according to the decisions of the IWG on CMS. The proposal received general support.

19. GRSG adopted the proposal as reproduced below. The secretariat was requested to submit it to WP.29 and AC.1 as draft Supplement 6 to the 04 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 46 for consideration at their November 2018 sessions.

English version, paragraph, amend to read: requirements within the minimum required field of vision
Overlays shall display only safety-related rearward vision information.
All overlays shall …… worst case(s).

French version, paragraph, amend to read: concernant les surimpressions dans le champ de vision minimal requis
Les surimpressions ne doivent afficher que des informations de vision vers l’arrière relatives à la sécurité.
Toutes les surimpressions doivent …… la moins favorable.