Document GRRF-78-04
Definitions in Regulations under the responsibility of GRRF

List of terms defined in regulations under the purview of the Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear presented to facilitate discussions on the harmonization of such terms and definitions.

Discussions and Outcomes
83rd GRRF session (23-27 Jan 2017)

48. The expert from Germany introduced GRRF-83-05 looking for guidance on the possibility to develop snow tyre provisions for all tyres and vehicles categories as it was already existing for snow tyres of category C1, C2 and C3 for vehicles categories M and N by amending all relevant Regulations or by amending the scope of Regulation No. 117. The expert from Japan and the Russian Federation volunteered to contribute to the work item proposed by Germany. GRRF requested to add an agenda item dedicated to snow tyres on the agenda.

80th GRRF session (15-18 Sep 2015)

66. The secretariat reported that GRSP was using the abbreviation “VSF” as “Vehicle Seat Fixture” and proposed to stop using “VSF” as “vehicle stability function”. GRRF didn’t support this idea as “VSF” was not only used as an abbreviation but also VSF is part of an approval mark for certain vehicles type-approved according to Regulation No. 13.

79th GRRF session (16-20 Feb 2015)

51. The secretariat recalled the ongoing discussion on definitions, acronyms, abbreviations and symbols used in regulations. The secretariat announced that the relevant documents (based on GRRF-76-03 and GRRF-78-04) were added to the definitions page on the WP.29 website.

78th GRRF session (16-19 Sep 2014)

57. Following the suggestion of the WP.29, the secretariat introduced GRRF-78-04 containing a list of definitions in the Regulations under the responsibility of GRRF. The Chair of GRRF recalled GRRF‑76‑03 and noted that no follow-up action was defined. The secretariat announced that it was looking for a central and suitable location on the website to collect this useful information.