This agenda item relates to MR 1: Test devices.

31. The expert from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2021/2 and GRSP-69-39 (this last correcting typo errors) through GRSP-69-01 as proposal for Addendum 1 to Mutual Resolution No. 1 (Specifications for the Construction, Preparation and Certification of the 50th percentile male Biofidelic Rear Impact Dummy, anthropomorphic test Device (BioRID-II UN). He explained that the structure of the proposal was stemming from GRSP-54-05 (Draft addendum 1 to M.R.1), introduced at the fifty-fourth session of GRSP (see ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/54, para. 4) and that the body of the proposal introduced the general design of the dummy, including the essential dimensions and how they are checked. He added that the text associated with the procedures for dismantling, assembling and adjusting the dummy had received editorial review and that proprietary names had been removed. It was noted that copyrights were expected to be removed from drawings when the proposal would be finally adopted by WP.29 and AC.3. He finally urged GRSP to recommend the proposal to allow a thorough implementation of UN Regulation No. 17 and UN GTR No. 7 by Contracting Parties of both Agreements. The experts from the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, France agreed with the recommendation of the expert from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The expert from the United States of America endorsed in principle the proposal, however, she explained that a full technical review of the document was not completed by her Administration and requested a time reservation. It was noted that time for possible revision was still available prior the November sessions of WP.29 and AC.3 and being integrated even on informal basis if they would not be relevant. Finally, GRSP recommended ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2021/2, as amended by Annex VII to the session report, and requested the secretariat to submit it as draft Amendment 3 to M.R.1 to the November 2021 sessions of WP.29 and AC.3.

32. The expert from Netherlands on behalf of a dummy manufacturer introduced GRSP-69-15, explaining that his company would work with any interested parties concerning devices that represent vulnerable occupants. He also offered full cooperation concerning the 50th percentile female dummies and offered to actively support Sweden in the development and evaluation of the respective Anthropomorphic Test Device. The experts from Sweden introduced (GRSP-69-42) reiterating the result of a study conducted in her country showing that adult female were poorly represented by existing dummies. She therefore suggested to start to form an ad hoc group to understand the issue and elaborate a suggestion for terms of reference for an IWG addressing both men and women equally and diversity of occupants to be presented for the December 2021 session of GRSP. She suggested to cooperate with interested Contracting Parties and manufacturers and to invite experts of the Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety (WP.1) and of the Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies (WP.6) to join if were still lingering questions. It was noted that possible participation of WP.1 and WP.6 should be consulted with the Administrative Committee on the coordination of work of WP.29 (AC.2) to receive endorsement. GRSP agreed about with suggestion of the expert from Sweden to start consultation with interested parties concerning the issue.

GRSP-54-05 | MR1: Specifications for the 50th percentile male BioRID-II ATD
GRSP-69-01 | MR1: Proposal for Addendum 1 on BioRID-II ATD (UK)
GRSP-69-15 | Equitable safety for female occupants (Humanetics and Netherlands)
GRSP-69-39 | MR1: Proposal for corrections to document GRSP/2021/2 (UK)
GRSP-69-42 | What can we do in the GRSP to get the same protection level for male and female occupants? (STA)
GRSP/2021/2 | MR1: Proposal for Addendum 1 (BioRID II ATD specifications)