Session 117 | Geneva | 8-11 Oct 2019
Agenda Item 19. Event Data Recorder
This agenda item relates to DSSAD and UN R160 EDR.

68. The expert from Netherlands, Co-Chair of IWG on Event Data Recorder (EDR) / Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving (DSSAD) introduced GRSG-117-21 containing a status report of the activities of IWG. GRSG noted the questions related to the place to store the data (on-board or at a back-end). GRSG agreed to continue considerations on these questions at the next meeting.

69. GRSG noted GRSG-117-22 containing a comparison on scope, system and data technique for both EDR and DSSAD. As regards the scope, GRSG agreed that both the 1958 and the 1998 Agreement would need to be referenced. The expert for Netherlands confirmed that the final deliverable would be a proposal for technical requirements, neutral for use under both agreements. GRSG noted that the document would be presented as informal document to WP.29 at its upcoming session in November 2019.

70. The expert from China presented GRSG-117-05 introducing the Chinese mandatory national standard “Automobile Event Data Recorder System”. The Co-Chair of IWG on EDR/DSSAD proposed to work closely with China when establishing the different technical elements for EDR systems.

71. GRSG agreed to resume consideration of this subject at its next session.

GRSG-117-05 | Chinese Mandatory National Standard on Event Data Recorder systems (China)