Session 178 | Geneva | 24-28 Jun 2019
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Agenda Item 19.7.
UN GTR No. 7 (Head restraints)

160. The representative of Japan, as technical sponsor, reported on the progress of work of the IWG on Phase 2 of UN GTR No. 7 on head restraints. He explained that at the May 2019 session of GRSP, IWG had proposed an advanced proposal that removed several square brackets and therefore solved the main issues. He added that the draft amendment would introduce injury criteria focusing on Neck Injury Criteria (NIC), namely upper and lower neck flexion and extension and the procedure for establishing the height of the head restraint based on head contact. He concluded that the proposal would be further discussed at the December 2019 session of GRSP and complemented by the final status report. He proposed an extension of the mandate of the IWG for one year.

161. AC.3 endorsed the extension until June 2020.

162. The representative from the United Kingdom, explained that a proposal to amend the Mutual Resolution No. 1 (M.R.1) would incorporate drawings and specifications of the Biofidelic Rear Impact Dummy. However, he indicated that the major challenge was the legal issue of copyright infringement concerning the above-mentioned specifications and consequent limitation of their public usage. He concluded by announcing that work would continue in close cooperation with the secretariat and with the dummy manufacturer to devise a disclaimer text, that would be removed from the drawings once the amendment was adopted by WP.29 and AC.3.