Session 178 | Geneva | 24-28 Jun 2019
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Agenda Item 19.16.
UN GTR No. 16 (Tyres)

172. The representative of the Russian Federation, on behalf of the Chair of IWG on Tyre GTR, briefed AC.3 about the IWG activities on Amendment 2 to UN GTR No. 16 (Tyres) and reported on the results of the recent meeting held in Munich on 8 and 9 May 2019, as well on a web conference held on 11 June 2019. He thanked the experts from Canada, China, Japan, Netherlands, United States of America and the tyre industry for participating. He informed AC.3 that the IWG on Tyre GTR had agreed on the wording of Amendment No. 2 to UN GTR No. 16, including editorial corrections, its technical rationale and technical report. He pointed out that the complete package, which had been adapted both to the type approval and self-certification systems, would be submitted to the September 2019 session of GRBP. On 9 September 2019, prior to the GRBP session, the IWG on Tyre GTR scheduled a new meeting to prepare a presentation and oral report to GRBP.

173. The representatives of ETRTO commended the Chair of the IWG on Tyre GTR, Mr A. Bocharov, for efficiently steering the IWG work.