Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 1 | 25-28 Sep 2018
Agenda Item 14. (a)

59. The Chair of GRVA recalled the information provided by the Secretary of WP.29 that the Working Party on Noise (GRB) had successfully reviewed all formal documents tabled under this agenda item as agreed due to the reorganization of the subsidiary bodies of WP.29. He recalled his commitment to minimize the impact of the structural changes related to GRB and GRVA in terms of technical discussions and proper participation of delegates and experts. Therefore, he offered the experts the opportunity to consider in detail any document under this agenda item, in case a delegation had not attended GRB or would like GRVA to express a view. The experts confirmed that this was not necessary. The Chair of GRVA also offered the opportunity for the expert from the Russian Federation to provide (see GRB-68-16 for more details) an update on the development of the draft Amendment 2 to UN GTR No. 16 (Tyres) should GRVA wish. He recalled that AC.3 had still not formally decided that UN GTR No. 16 would be handled by GRB. GRVA noted the ongoing work done by the Informal Working Group chaired by the expert from the Russian Federation.

GRVA/2018/5 UN R117: Proposal for a Supplement (ETRTO)
GRVA/2018/6 UN R30: Proposal for a Supplement (ETRTO)
GRVA/2018/7 UN R64: Proposal for a Supplement (ETRTO)
GRVA/2018/8 UN R106: Proposal for amendments (ETRTO)