Session 15 | Beijing | 21-23 Mar 2018
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Agenda Item 4.
Update on ongoing and planned research and rulemaking activities
EVS-15-31/A01 | EVS action item 04: EV field events (NHTSA)
EVS-15-40/A02 | Electric vehicles; Update on China standards (China)
EVS-15-46/A03 | EVS Isolation Resistance Measurement (China)
EVS-15-47/A04 | EVS: Industry plan for electric safety GTR research support (OICA)
EVS-15-52/A02-1 | EVS: JRC questions regarding the update on China standards Update on China standards (JRC)
EVS-15-61/A03-1 | EVS: OICA questions on China isolation resistance and low energy proposals (EVS-15-46/A03) (OICA)