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Working Party on Noise
65th session | Geneva | 15-17 Feb 2017 Download Copy
Agenda Item 10. | Exchange of information on national and international requirements on noise levels
GRB-65-16 | Study on Euro 5 sound level limits of L-category vehicles (EC, EMISIA, Ricardo, and TNO)
GRB-65-16/Add.1 | Addendum to the EC presentation on the study on Euro 5 sound level limits of L-category vehicles (EC)
GRB-65-27 | Push and Pull for Noise Emission Reduction from Road Traffic in the Netherlands and EU (Netherlands)

GRB-65 Discussion

21. The experts from EC informed GRB about an ongoing study on Euro 5 sound level limits of L-category vehicles (GRB-65-16 and Add.1), with the aim to investigate the potential for lower limits and to prepare justified proposals for amendments to EU Regulation No. 168/2013 and, at a later stage, to UN Regulations Nos. 9, 41 and 63. According to the experts, the study had been launched in response to frequent complaints from citizens over the excessive levels of sound emissions from L-category vehicles, which were often perceived as disturbing and harmful noise for the public health.

22. The experts of Germany, Netherlands, IMMA and OICA pointed out that the underlying problems were not because of the prescribed limits for new vehicles, but due to retrofitting and tampering with silencers of the vehicles in use. Thus, these experts were of the view that only reducing the sound level limits in the above Regulations would not improve the situation, unless accompanied by efficient enforcement measures and market surveillance. GRB agreed to study the relevant documents and to monitor the developments at the EU level.

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23. The expert from the Netherlands introduced a summary of various initiatives to reduce noise emissions from road traffic (GRB-65-27) which addressed different sources of noise (road surfaces, tyres and powertrain). He reiterated the benefits of better tyres and maintaining the correct tyre pressure for road safety and fuel efficiency. Finally, he pointed out that excessive drivers’ reliance on the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) might be counter-productive. GRB thanked the Dutch expert and noted that these initiatives had already been considered by GRB on various occasions and that some of them fall under the competence of other bodies. For example, the Chair indicated that tyre labelling and TPMS should be addressed by, respectively, EU and the WP.29 Working Party on Braking and Running Gear (GRRF). The Chair also recalled the GRB position that it would premature to tighten the current tyre noise limits in Regulation No. 117.

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