Session 62 | Geneva | 1-3 Sep 2015
Agenda Item 10. Influence of road surface on tyre rolling sound emissions

19. The expert from the Belgian Road Research Centre (BRCC) presented a new solution for noise reducing pavements, namely the poro-elastic road surface which provides for extreme noise reduction in a range from 7 to 12 dB(A) (GRB-62-23). GRB thanked BRCC for this presentation and looked forward to further studies and presentations on the issue.

GRB-60-04 | Dutch Government leaflet on "Quiet Road Surfaces" (Netherlands and M+P)
GRB-60-04/Add.1 | Quiet road surfaces: Eurocities working group noise (Netherlands and M+P)
GRB-62-23 | Traffic noise: can the poro-elastic road surface help? (BRRC)