Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear | Session 79 | 16-20 Feb 2015
Agenda Item 8. (b)
Other ITS issues

37. The secretariat introduced GRRF-79-22, informing about the results of the conference jointly organized by Belgium and UNECE in Brussels in November 2014.

38. The secretariat also informed about the February 2015 session of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC) and the note by the secretariat about the progress made in the implementation of the ITS roadmap (ECE/TRANS/2015/7: pdf format | word format) and the corresponding activities in 2014.

39. The Chair of GRRF informed GRRF about the discussion held on ITS during the November 2014 session of WP.29. WP.29, for permitting GRRF to make progress at its seventy-ninth session, agreed that the IWG on ITS/Automated Driving (AD) would directly provide guidance to GRRF. This guidance is reproduced in GRRF-79-31. GRRF agreed to work during this session within the framework proposed by the IWG on ITS/AD and to consider regulating technologies remaining in the primary control of the driver at all time

GRRF-79-22 Highlights of the ITS workshop in Brussels (17–18 November 2014)
GRRF-79-31 Guidance to GRs concerning Automated Driving Technology
GRRF-79-31/Add.1 CLEPA position on draft guidance document concerning automated driving technologies (CLEPA)