Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 19 | 20-24 May and 25 Jun

This GRVA session held in two parts. The first session held in Troy, Michigan (USA). For UN procedural reasons, a second session held in Geneva to formally ratify outcomes of the Troy session.

Invitation to the Troy session
Logistical information for the Troy session
General schedule for the Troy session

Agenda Item 4. (g)
UN Regulation No. 157

GRVA agreed to review the proposal for amendments to UN Regulation No. 157, tabled by the experts from France, aimed at clarifying the reference to UN Regulation No. 10 (EMC) in the regulation after the Working Party on Lighting and Light-Signalling (GRE) has completed related activities in the context of the development of a new series of amendments to UN Regulation No 10.

GRVA agreed to review the proposal tabled by the experts from the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) and from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), aimed at harmonizing the provisions in UN Regulations Nos. 79 and 157 with the wording in UN Regulation No. 152 (AEBS for M1 and N1) on the conditions for re-instatement of the system at the “initiation of each engine start / run cycle”.

GRVA-19-54 UN R157: Proposal for amendment (France)
GRVA/2024/16 Proposal for amendments to UN R79 and UN R157 (CLEPA and OICA)