Working Party on Noise and Tyres | Session 76 | 5-7 Sep 2022
Agenda Item 2.
UN Regulation No. 51 (Noise of M and N categories of vehicles)

GRBP will be informed about the activities of the Informal Working Group on Measurement Uncertainties (IWG MU) and will consider a proposal that was prepared by IWG MU with the aim to reduce variability.

GRBP will recall the IWG MU general approach how to handle measurement uncertainties in UN Regulations and will be informed about WP.29 considerations at its June 2022 session on this matter.

GRBP will address a proposal prepared by the experts from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that brings the latest ISO 10844 standard test surface into the UN Regulation.

GRBP-76-08 Sound Measurement Uncertainties informal group status report to GRBP
GRBP-76-09 UN R51: Proposal to amend document GRBP/2022/16
GRBP-76-10 Questions on documents GRBP/2022/4 and GRBP-75-37 (Monitoring phase of RD-ASEP from 1 July 2023) (OICA)
GRBP-76-11 Proposal to amend the Reference Document on Sound Measurement Uncertainties
GRBP-76-14 UN R51: Comparison of EMISIA and ATEEL study on sound limit values (ACEA and OICA)
GRBP-76-15/Rev.1 UN R51: TF Vehicles' Sound Status Report
GRBP-76-29 UN R51: Research on Measurement Methods for LDV & HDV in Multiple Driving Mode Conditions (CATARC and China)
GRBP/2022/9/Rev.1 A general approach how to handle sound measurement uncertainty
GRBP/2022/13 UN R51: Proposal for Supplement 8 to the 03 series of amendments (ISO)
GRBP/2022/16 UN R51: Proposal for Supplement 8 to the 03 series of amendments