Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 85 | 11-14 Jan 2022
Geneva hybrid session
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Agenda Item 13.
Lifetime compliance

GRPE may wish to consider a presentation by the expert from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre on the particle number measurement during Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) tests.

GRPE-85-30 | Emissions Tampering: Urea emulator installed in an Euro VI A heavy truck (CITA and IDIADA)
GRPE-85-31 | Supporting information on Urea emulators and emissions tampering (CITA)
GRPE-85-34 | New Periodic Technical Inspection – Particle Number Measurement (JRC)
GRPE-85-40 | PTI: Presentation on Framework Document on Vehicle Whole-Life Compliance (CITA)
WP.29/2021/148 | Proposal for a Framework Document on Vehicle Whole-Life Compliance