Emissions Tampering: Urea emulator installed in an Euro VI A heavy truck
Document GRPE-85-30
30 December 2021
Submitted by CITA and IDIADA
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66. The representative from CITA introduced GRPE-85-30 and GRPE-85-31 presenting the main outcomes of a report on emissions tampering using an urea emulator installed in an Euro VI A heavy truck. The representative from OICA stated that they fully oppose the sale and use of emulators, which is bad for the reputation of car manufacturers; He called for a holistic picture to be considered to mitigate the potential for tampering, highlighting that increased stringency during PTI tests might not be sufficient, with some actors proposing to temporarily revert the tampering to pass PTI tests. The representative from CITA agreed and supported the statement from the representative from OICA, and insisted that tampering is a technical and also behavioural issue, and recalled that inspection and approval performed in isolation were not effective to fully prevent tampering.

67. The representative from the EC called for the existing provision on anti-tampering to be effectively enforced, inviting countries to forbid the sale and use of such emulators. The representative from OICA gave the example of the Swiss law which seemed effective with high penalties and strong enforcement.

68. The Co-Chair from the IWG on PTI called for more expertise needed in the IWG on PTI and suggested to create a task force between GRPE and the IWG on PTI to initiate activities on the issue. The Chair highlighted the need for more collaboration between type approval, certification and PTI, and supported the proposal for the Co-Chair from the IWG on PTI to put together ideas towards the creation of a task force during the next session of GRPE.

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