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84. Agenda item 16.2, gtr No. 7, head restraints. The representative of Japan informed AC.3 about the progress of work of the informal group of the gtr No. 7 Phase 2 (WP.29-151-13). He underlined the request of guidance from the informal group regarding a possible UNECE website template where to deposit the drawing versions and data of dummies, including those that were not referenced either in the gtrs or in the Regulations. AC.3 noted that a possible solution could be to add the year of the version of the drawings in the current page of the website of WP.29. Finally, the representative of Japan underlined that the informal group advised a two stage approach regarding the use of different dummies tailored for some specific fleet of vehicles. The secretariat was requested to distribute the status report (WP.29-151-13) with an official symbol for consideration at the November 2010 sessions. Under the item on guidance by consensus vote would be the placement on the website of dummy specifications, on the basis of a proposal to be transmitted by the informal group.