UN Regulation No. 152
Automatic Emergency Braking for M1/N1 vehicles

Uniform provisions concerning the approval of motor vehicles with regard to the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) for M1 and N1 vehicles

Series of Amendments and Supplements
Revisions and Amendments
Fifty-six Contracting Parties
Related groups: AEBS and GRVA
Latest Documents
3 Oct 2020
GRVA: List of decisions taken during the 7th (September 2020) session under the silence procedure | GRVA/76
2020-10-03 2020-10-03
25 Sep 2020
UN R152: Visualization of the proposed AEBS car-to-bicycle transitional provisions | GRVA-07-74
2020-09-25 2020-09-25
24 Sep 2020
UN R152: Recommended implementation of new requirements | GRVA-07-72
2020-09-24 2020-09-24
23 Sep 2020
UN R152: Presentation of the proposals submitted by the IWG on AEBS | GRVA-07-70
2020-09-23 2020-09-23
21 Sep 2020
UN R152: Proposal for amendments to document GRVA/2020/35 | GRVA-07-53
2020-09-21 2020-09-21
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