Session 2 | Paris | 3-4 Nov 2015
1. Welcome and opening remarks
2. Approval of the report of the previous session
VIAQ-01-15 | Draft minutes of the first VIAQ informal group session
GRPE-71-30 | VIAQ informal group status report
3. Discussion items
VIAQ-02-05 | Discussion items for the 2nd VIAQ informal group session
VIAQ-02-03 | VIAQ: Comparison of measurment methods Table prepared by the VIAQ group as the basis for harmonization.
VIAQ-02-04 | Pros and cons of VIAQ test mode alternatives Review of pros and cons for testing in ambient, parking, and driving modes.
VIAQ-02-06 | Vehicle categories for discussion of vehicle interior air quality
VIAQ-02-09 | Hyundai review of VIAQ ambient-mode test procedures
4. Roadmap
5. Proposed agenda/topics for the next VIAQ IWG meeting
6. Any other business
7. Closing remarks and next meeting schedule