1. Adoption of the agenda
SG58-08-02 | Provisional Agenda of the 8th IWVTA SG58 subgroup session
2. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
SG58-08-01 | Major results and action items from the 7th SG58 subgroup session
3. Consolidated drafting proposals for the revised 1958 Agreement
SG58-07-03/Rev.2 | Consolidated Proposals for the Revised 1958 Agreement Updated draft version of the amended 1958 Agreement pursuant to the establishment of an International Whole Vehicle Type Approval system.
SG58-08-05 | Amendment procedures of the 1958 Agreement (Draft Revision 3) Document prepared by the WP.29 Secretariat reviewing 1958 Agreement procedures as they would be revised under the proposals being considered by the IWVTA 1958 Agreement subgroup.
SG58-08-04 | OLA responses to the IWVTA 1958 Agreement subgroup request for clarifications UN Office of Legal Affairs responses to questions raised by the expert group preparing revisions to the 1958 Agreement concerning conditions for the delegation of voting authority to another Contracting Party and on amendment of the title of the agreement.
SG58-08-07 | Harmonised numbering system for UN type approvals Discussion paper concerning the approval markings that might be used under the international whole vehicle type approval system in association with approval codes, numbers, or markings required by individual UN Regulations.
SG58-08-08 | Special procedure under the 1958 Agreement for exemption approvals concerning new technologies Draft proposal for a procedure to allow for the exemption of new technologies from relevant existing regulatory requirements in cases where those existing requirements present incompatible, inapplicable, and/or unwarranted burdens.
SG58-08-03 | EC position on the draft revision of the 1958 Agreement as proposed by Japan The European Commission position on the Japanese proposal (document SG58-07-04) for amendments to the 1958 Agreement (within the context of the International Whole Vehicle Type Approval system).
SG58-08-06 | Position with regard to the draft revised Article 3 of the 1958 Agreement Russian explanation that its laws require documentation to be in the Russian-language. Russia does not accept type-approval documents directly, but first transposes the documents into an acceptable Russian form. Therefore, Russia proposes to delete the direct acceptance of "documentation". Russia also raises a concern over possible contradictory clauses with regard to "if-fitted" equipment such as TPMS.
SG58-08-09 | Conformance regime in the revised 1958 Agreement Proposal to replace the term "climate of trust" with a "risk assessment methodology" in addressing conformity of production assessments.
4. Preparation of draft proposals for WP.29
5. Any other business