This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
GTR No. 4 Worldwide Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Certification Procedure GTR 0004
GTR No. 6 Safety Glazing Materials GTR 0006
GTR No. 7 Head Restraints GTR 0007
UN R4 Illumination of rear-registration plates of motor vehicles and their trailers UN Regulation UNR 0004
UN R6 Direction Indicators UN Regulation UNR 0006
UN R11 Door Latches and Door Retention Components UN Regulation UNR 0011
UN R13 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Braking UN Regulation UNR 0013
UN R13-H Light-Duty Vehicle Braking UN Regulation UNR 0013-H
UN R19 Front Fog Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0019
UN R25 Head Restraints UN Regulation UNR 0025
UN R34 Prevention of Fire Risks UN Regulation UNR 0034
UN R37 Filament Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0037
UN R43 Safety Glazing Materials UN Regulation UNR 0043
UN R44 Child Restraint Systems UN Regulation UNR 0044
UN R48 Installation of Lighting and Lighting-Signalling Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0048
UN R49 Diesel and CNG/LNG Engine Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0049
UN R53 Installation of Motorcycle Lighting UN Regulation UNR 0053
UN R70 Rear Marking Plates for Heavy and Long Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0070
UN R79 Steering Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0079
UN R96 Tractor and NRMM Engine Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0096
UN R98 Headlamps Equipped with Gas-discharge Light Sources UN Regulation UNR 0098
UN R99 Gas-discharge Light Sources UN Regulation UNR 0099
UN R104 Retro-reflective Markings UN Regulation UNR 0104
UN R105 Construction of Vehicles for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods UN Regulation UNR 0105
UN R106 Tires for Agricultural Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0106
UN R107 Construction of Coaches and Buses UN Regulation UNR 0107
UN R112 Headlamps Emitting an Asymmetrical Passing Beam UN Regulation UNR 0112
UN R113 Symmetrical Beam Headlamps of Filament, Gas-discharge, or LED Type UN Regulation UNR 0113
UN R121 Location and Identification of Hand Controls, Tell-tales and Indicators UN Regulation UNR 0121
Heavy-Duty Hybrid Vehicle Emissions Regulatory Project Heavy-duty Hybrids (HDH)
GTR No. 15 Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure GTR 0015
UN R0 International Whole Vehicle Type Approval System (IWVTA) UN Regulation UNR 0000
UN R128 Light-Emitting Diode Light Sources UN Regulation UNR 0128
1998 Global Agreement 1998 Agreement
GTR No. 16 Tires GTR 0016
Intelligent Transport Systems ITS
Harmonization of Side Impact Dummies WorldSID Harmonization
1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic 1968 Vienna Convention
RE3 Construction of Vehicles RE3
1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections 1997 Agreement
1958 Agreement 1958 Agreement
Special Resolution No. 1: Vehicle Categories, Masses and Dimensions Resolution 0001
Mutual Resolution No. 1: Management of Test Devices Agreement 0001
Electric Vehicle Environmental Performance Electric Vehicles & the Environment
Enforcement and Compliance Enforcement and Compliance
UN Rule No. 2 Vehicle Inspections: Roadworthiness Rule 0002
UN Rule No. 1 Vehicle Inspections: Environmental Protection Rule 0001
Mutual Resolution No. 3: Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) Resolution 0003
UN R144 Accident Emergency Call Systems UN Regulation UNR 0144
UN R134 Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle safety UN Regulation UNR 0134
Automated Driving Systems Automated Driving
UN R135 Pole side-impact protection UN Regulation UNR 0135
GTR No. 20 Electric Vehicle Safety GTR 0020
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