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(Latest 28 April 2022)
26 April 2022 Agenda for the 10th Heavy Vehicle AEBS interest group session AEBS-HDV-10-01/Rev.1
AEBS-HDV-10-01/Rev.1 2022-04-26
30 March 2022 Feasibility study AEB system smart marker (Netherlands and TNO) AEBS-HDV-10-02
AEBS-HDV-10-02 2022-03-30
30 March 2022 Feasibility study AEBS trigger for road service areas (and railroad crossings) (Netherlands) AEBS-HDV-10-03
AEBS-HDV-10-03 2022-03-30
25 April 2022 UN R131: Input on draft amendments (CLEPA and OICA) AEBS-HDV-10-04
AEBS-HDV-10-04 2022-04-25
25 April 2022 UN R152: Proposal to transpose provisions from UN R131 (CLEPA and OICA) AEBS-HDV-10-05
AEBS-HDV-10-05 2022-04-25
25 April 2022 Input on standardized AEBS marker discussions (CLEPA and OICA) AEBS-HDV-10-06
AEBS-HDV-10-06 2022-04-25
28 April 2022 Secretary's notes from the 10th Heavy vehicle AEBS interest group session AEBS-HDV-10-07
AEBS-HDV-10-07 2022-04-28
28 April 2022 UN R131: Draft proposal to address AEBS reactivation and robustness GRVA-13-xx
GRVA-13-xx 2022-04-28
28 April 2022 UN R152: Working draft proposal to transpose UN R131 provisions GRVA-13-yy
GRVA-13-yy 2022-04-28
28 April 2022 UN R131: working draft proposal on speed reduction during AEBS warning phase GRVA-13-zz
GRVA-13-zz 2022-04-28